Does PAZOS are made of real leather?

Of course, you can be sure that to wearing PAZOS your feet will feel the confort that only brings the real leather, since our team is in charged of selecting the best quality materials, such as bovine, porcine and caprine cuts (depending on the model).

Does PAZOS are handcrafted?

Every single detail of PAZOS was carefully made by the hands of those who have been devoted to the creation of beautiful handicrafts, and who work hard day after day to maintain our traditions with the strong purpose of don’t let them lose. On every pair of PAZOS you will find hundreds of years of work, knowledge and experience of this occupation included.

What is the right shoe size for me?

Shoe Sizes Chart

7.0 6.0 40 25
8.0 7.0 41 26
9.0 8.0 42.5 27
10.0 9.0 44 28
11.0 10.0 45 29
12.0* 11.0* 46* 30*
13.0* 12.0* 47.5* 31*
5.0 2.5 35.5 22
6.0 3.5 36.5 23
7.0 4.5 38 24
8.0 5.5 39 25
9.0 6.5 40.5 26
10.0* 7.5* 42* 27*
11.0* 9.0* 43* 28*

We decided to not offer a half sizes, because of the real leather have a very peculiar characteristic, once you start to wear your PAZOS you will notice that each time they will be softer, that is because the leather “stretch” to fit your foot. If you have to decide between two sizes, we suggest you choose the smaller one, you will see they will fit your foot very quickly.

How to clean PAZOS?

It is better to avoid the use of tap water to clean the shoes or submerge them in it. If you need to clean PAZOS or simply you want to highlight its appearance, follow these instructions that will help you to maintain them as new any longer.

  • Step 1: Using a Soft brush or a dry microfiber, remove the dust and the traces of dirt on your PAZOS. 
  • Step 2: Use a soft cloth to apply some special wax for leather over the surface of your PAZOS, verify the wax is fully absorbed.
  • Step 3: Remove the excess of wax using a clean and dry cloth.
  • Step 4: We recommend you to clean up your shoes at least 12 hours before use, to let the wax get fully absorbed into the leather, as the absorbing process is gradual.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your PAZOS get wet with water, the best way is to leave them dry in the shade and follow the procedure above to get them always radiant.

Do I need to use PAZOS with or without sucks?

You can use PAZOS with socks but it depends on you and how you want to look. However, you must know that sometimes, when you use them for the first time, you could feel the rub in your skin. That is why we suggest the use of socks only for a few days to let the leather loosen and adjust to your feet. After that, you could keep wearing them with or without socks and you will see the comfort that your PAZOS bring to you. 

How many days will take to get my order?

We usually ship the orders the same day we received them, except saturdays, sundays and non-working days (according to mexican calendar). Once the order is delivered to the parcel company, it will take between 3 and 7 business days to arrived to you. We will send you and email with the tracking code to track the order status. The shipping cost per order of $29 usd include taxes.